YouTube channel management

  • Managing your YouTube channel means we will partially take over your work with this particular communication channel.
  • We will offer you advice on how to improve your content and the nature of your communication on YouTube to better fulfill your communication strategy.
  • Together, we will come up with the dramaturgy for your channel.
  • We will ensure the most effective use of all features provided by the YouTube platform.
  • We will help you with graphics, subtitles, descriptions and annotations.
  • We will make sure that your viewers visit your website and engage in a specified activity.
  • You will gain a Premium Partner Status.
  • You will gain access to YouTube features which aren’t available to regular channels.
  • We will teach you how to communicate with the community around your brand.

Rights Management

  • We will provide a complete protection of your rights on YouTube.
  • We will give you access to a unique Content ID system, which will automatically seek out copies of your content and processes them according to your predetermined instructions.
  • We will show you how to use Content ID for your benefit.
  • We will offer you ways to monetize your content, which will provide you with regular income from your work.
  • We will provide complete blockage of your content on YouTube, if you wish so.
  • We will help you with promoting your content in the context of Content ID. We will come up with an optimal approach to monetizing or blocking features, offered by YouTube.
  • Our solution is automatic and permanent. Unlike various interest groups or industry association, we work directly with YouTube systems and therefore don’t need to approach every copyright infringement separately.
  • If you yourself stumble upon a copy of your work on YouTube, you simply notify us and we will immediately handle it as you wish.

Content aggregation

  • We manage over two hundred YouTube channels.
  • We work with independent creators, movie productions, distributions, music publishers, tv stations and more.
  • We manage millions of views a month and have access to aggregated statistics. We know what’s happening and trending.
  • The variety of our content offers a wide range of synergies which can improve your success and expand your audience.
  • We participate on the production of content with our partners.
  • We provide our partners with technical and advisory service, equipment and filming studio.

Technical support

  • We have access to direct YouTube support.
  • Our team can readily handle any urgent problem.
  • In extreme cases, you can contact us any time and we will quickly deliver a solution.
  • You won’t loose money to small issues for which you might not know the answer.
  • In case of more complicated issues, we are able to consult directly with YouTube HQ team.